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Our services El Emad

We Have Integrated archive contains a biography of all the medical staff, where we are dealing with all disciplines include:

 Consulting and women consultants and specialists and sociologists waistcoat - Heart - General Internal Medicine and binoculars - children in the preterm and newborn - neurological and skin beauty - bones - rays - conjunctivitis - Women - Ear, Nose and Throat - masculinity disease and infertility - residents and residents of emergency and in - Pharmacists - Medicine natural - Physiotherapy All disciplines teeth - sociologists feed - ray technicians and technicians - analysis - Nursing - nutrition.

It is also available our archive full containing CV for all cadres to provide the necessary labor for all fields, including the medical all disciplines and architectural and engineering, trade and agricultural, industrial and all disciplines necessary for teaching own languages ​​and in public schools and all the necessary labor.

 It sets us apart in the engineering field company has a specialized team in the selection and evaluation engineers in all disciplines and in all professions agreed to be a long experience in the contracted area.

 And also has a full data on all Alkouadr base in architectural professions such as carpenters - Alhdeddadan - Nqashin - Plumbers - Mpeltin Mharin - Bnayen and finishes inside and outside technical Alumital - Haddad Créteil - carpenter door and window.

 We also offer an excellent selection of agricultural engineers with experience in farm and other protected ... etc.

 There is an excellent selection of sales representatives, marketing, administrative, supervision and advertising considerable experience in this field.

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Phone  : 00202 33365007

Mobile : 002  01122299124

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